Why calling this company The Big Labasky?

Hervé, about

That's indeed a weird, maybe funny name for a company right?
I thought that bringing the story behind the name would help answer this question I got many times, while sharing a nice personal memory.

I got into Product Management at Contentful in 2016, working on the Content APIs and editorial interface. As we grew, the team split and I focused on the developer experience with Content APIs and tooling. Amongst these, we built a migrations tool that was quite complex to figure out.
As I wanted to keep my tech understanding sharp enough to stay coherent and to the point in technical discussions with the team, I ended up coding a tiny feature enhancement and bringing it live.

That was small enough to be done, and while it required some effort, I grew empathy for the team and a crisper understanding of what was needed to get something done on this product.

That led members of the team (I can't remember who exactly), to end up calling me "The Big Labasky", after my last name "Labas". I love the movie and ended up picking that nickname as my GitHub alias, which I kept ever since.

Past the anecdote, at the moment of creating my company, focused on Product Management, I found that this moment of symbiosis with my team, on my first Product Management job, was a great way to remember where I came from, when got hooked on this practice.
So here we are!

Here's to "The Big Labasky", happy teams and happy PMs!

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